Rat Terrier Rescue Canada FosterParent Application Form

Fostering is an enriching, rewarding experience. It also can be a trying, tiring, and messy experience! Our Rat Terriers often come from puppymill busts or euthanasia lists from shelters. Or sometimes they come from families who cannot longer care for their Rat Terrier. As long as you are an experienced dog family with a big heart and a desire to give a homeless Rat Terrier a second chance at life, whatever kind of household you have, we can almost  always find a Rat Terrier in need that would fit your home as a fosterdog. RTRC pays for all approved medical expenses for your fosterdog, and provides Heartworm preventative. Your fosterdog is also provided with a microchip and RTRC tag. You are required to provide food, toys, and of course love and cuddling!

Please cut and paste this form into an email and send to the RTRC Fosterparent Applications Department at:   mbarbuto@cogeco.ca

Feel free to tell us as much about yourself as you can, it will help you and us decide if fostering a Rat Terrier is right for you and your family, and help all of us find suitable foster dogs for your family.

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Do you own a Rat Terrier or had you had a terrier in the past?

What appeals to you about Rat Terriers?

Are you familiar with the typical personality and temperament of a Rat Terrier?

Is someone home during the day?

If no, where will your foster dog stay while you are gone? 

Where will your foster dog be kept most of the time? For example, in house, outside, basement:

Do you have a dog run/dog house? 

Would you you take your foster dog to obedience classes? 

If you have children, how would you describe their experience level with dogs?


What type of personality dog do you feel would get along with your current pets?


Why do you want to foster a rescued Rat Terrier?


What activities do you plan to do with your dog?


Are there behavior issues that you feel unprepared to deal with in a foster dog?


Under what circumstances would you ask to move your foster dog to another fosterhome?



Do you have other pets? Type (list breed, age, sex):

Are your other pets current on all vaccinations?

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Veterinarian's name & phone number:

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List the pets have you owned in the past ten years and what happened to them:



How did you hear about Rat Terrier Rescue Canada? 

List any humane societies, organizations, breed or training clubs you are associated with:


Please provide the name, relationship to you, address and phone number of three references who are not related to you:







Comments or Questions? Please feel free to include any information that you feel we should know about you, your family, and your experience with pets. Also include any concerns or questions you may have regarding fostering or our organization:



I/we certify that the information provided on this form is true & correct, I have read and understood all the terms and statements on this form, I/we am/are at least 21 years of age & that I/we will be solely responsible for the care and well being of any dog that I/we foster for Rat Terrier Rescue Canada. I/we am/are also financially & physically able to care for this animal. I/we understand that proper food and care may be costly, and I/we am/are able to meet these requirements. In emailing this foster application document, I am granting permission for a RTRC representative to contact all stated references & veterinarian(s). Home Visits are required prior to fostering. Any misrepresentation of the true facts in this application will invalidate the foster home agreement and will give RTRC the right to immediately reclaim the foster dog. By emailing this foster application document you also indemnify RTRC, and representatives thereof, from any & all liabilities that may be occur due to fostering any rescues.


I understand that this Foster Contract can be amended as needed for the best consideration of the dog, and that the FOSTER PARENT should personally return the living dog to Rat Terrier Rescue Canada (“RTRC”) in order to release RTRC of any further liability regarding this dog with this FOSTER PARENT.

 In addition, FOSTER PARENT agrees to the following terms and provisions:

1. FOSTER PARENT agrees to take the dog to a licensed veterinarian, as approved by RTRC, as soon as practical. Veterinary expenses will NOT be reimbursed if not pre-approved. RTRC RESCUES keeps all foster dogs under veterinary care until they are adopted. The following vaccinations and tests are required to be given: rabies, distemper/parvo combination, bordetella (kennel cough), a heartworm test (followed by a regular course of preventative) and a fecal exam (followed by treatment for any parasites found).

2. FOSTER PARENT agrees to take the dog to a licensed veterinarian to provide the dog with necessary veterinary care upon emergency sickness, disease, and injury. Every effort should be made to inform a RTRC representative as soon as possible in the event of emergency.

3. FOSTER PARENT agrees to provide this dog with a safe home, proper care and attention, and humane treatment in accordance with all current and future provincial, county, and municipal and ordinances where FOSTER PARENT resides. The dog is not to ride loose in the back of trucks, is not to be chained or tied-out, and the FOSTER PARENT warrants that the dog will not be contained solely by a hidden fence. The dog is not to be solely an outside pet, and FOSTER PARENT agrees that when the dog is outdoors it shall be protected from the elements, and provided with adequate food, water, fencing.

4. FOSTER PARENT understands that there are costs involved in maintaining a dog, and agrees to assume full responsibility for food & water, flea care, grooming, and basic health issues including monthly heart worm preventative.

5. FOSTER PARENT agrees that the dog will reside in his/her home, will be kept as a household pet, and will not be used as a hunting or guard dog.

6. FOSTER PARENT agrees to provide a collar and identification tag for the dog to wear at all times when allowed outdoors, and to provide an identification tag (with FOSTER PARENT's home phone number), that will remain affixed to the collar.

7. RTRC makes no warranties or representations regarding the dog's health or temperament. It is agreed and understood by FOSTER PARENT that while every effort is made to provide an accurate history and assessment of a dog, RTRC does not warrant any dog regarding medical status, behavior, or disposition. It is further agreed that environmental changes may effect and change the temperament of the above named dog and that RTRC has no liability or responsibility of any nature regarding defects with the dog, or injuries or damage to any person or property which may be caused by the dog. FOSTER PARENT agrees to indemnify and hold harmless RTRC, its members and representatives against any and all claims, known or unknown, now or hereafter arising in connection with this dog.

8. FOSTER PARENT consents to the examination of this dog by RTRC at any time and acknowledges that RTRC has the right to reclaim the dog at any time for failure to comply with the terms of this contract or for any misrepresentations of fact FOSTER PARENT made on the Foster application or in this contract.

9. FOSTER PARENT agrees that if for any reason, he/she cannot keep this dog, he/she shall return it immediately (or as soon as transport can be arranged) to the nearest approved RTRC representative that is available and has room to foster. The dog shall not be given away, sold, exchanged or adopted without prior written consent of RTRC, and all completed paperwork for a legal adoption. FOSTER PARENT understands that any friend or family member who wishes to take ownership of this dog will be required to apply to RTRC for the right to adopt and/or foster it.

10. If for any reason this dog has not completed its medical treatments (i.e. heartworm treatment, hookworm treatment, spay, neuter, etc.) prior to the execution of this contract, he/she agrees to work with RTRC to attend all appointments and follow-up visits that need to be made in order to have the dog healthy and ready for adoption. FOSTER PARENT acknowledges that until this has been accomplished, RTRC has the right to and will reclaim the dog if the appointments are not made and kept.

11. It is agreed and understood by FOSTER PARENT and RTRC that this written agreement sets forth all promises, agreements, conditions, and understanding between them, oral or written, and that both parties have fully read and understood all of this agreement.

12. FOSTER PARENT agrees to pay RTRC for any and all expenses, including court costs and reasonable attorney's fees, in enforcing the terms and provisions of this contract. Payment of these damages shall not excuse FOSTER PARENT from returning the dog to RTRC.

**PLEASE NOTE** When agreeing to foster a dog, if you have difficulties with the new foster joining in your home for whatever reason, please do your best to work with your family, other pets and the dog to try to ensure a smooth transition to your home. Information you have been provided about the dog is the same information RTRC has been provided, and is unverified and based on the opinions of volunteers who may help evaluate and pull a dog for RTRC. By agreeing to foster any dog you are also agreeing to help the dog overcome any problems he or she may face when coming into your home. These problems may include marking, not being housetrained, nervous peeing, not eating, overweight and needing to go on a diet, no house manners, skittishness, nervous about strangers, physical problems or pain from previous neglect, trouble getting along with your resident pets, trouble getting along with children, and many other issues. Some may take time to even come to you. Some may even growl when picked up or startled. Some may be fine with adults but very scared of children. Some may chase cats, some may not. Some may be perfect, well adjusted pets. Some may be happy and bouncy and just need some manners. Some dogs have never been inside a home or seen a toy, or a soft bed, or experienced even a small kindness from humans, and are terrified of everything at first. It is very hard for a shelter volunteer who is helping to pull the dog to evaluate every possible situation in a shelter environment. Most cases the best information we can get is the dog seems to be happy and friendly with people and good with other dogs. However that is quite limited to a small range of experiences – all it means is the shelter volunteer finds the dog is generally friendly, and has no real problems with other dogs it has encountered at the shelter. That does not mean the dog will not behave differently when settled into your home. For example, some might display dominant behavior when they feel ‘at home’. This is something you as the fosterparent would then work on to help the dog understand his/her role in the family. Many rescued dogs have never lived in a home and some have had very bad experiences with humans. They may need a lot of love, guidance and patience to become good housepets. It is your primary job as a fosterparent to help them learn and become a dog ready for adoption into a family.  The whole RTRC group is here with support and information to help you and your fosterdog and welcome the chance to help when needed. If despite your best efforts, you feel you cannot continue to foster your foster dog, contact your fosterparent coordinator. She will work with you to find another open fosterhome to foster your fosterdog. This may take time, possibly weeks or even longer. Please be aware that all our other fosterhomes are just like you, with families, homes, other dogs, children, other pets, and if no one has room at any given time, they simply just don’t have room. There are rarely immediate transfer options. You are required to do your best to safely care for your fosterdog until another fosterhome does have room.

Please "sign" Yes, I have read and agree to all terms herein: