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We are also pleased to have an experienced dog trainer join us as our Fosterparent Mentor, Marilyn Tremblay of Harmonie Canine is very knowledgeable with terriers and available to help our fosterparents with any behavioural issues or concerns with their fosterdogs.

Harmonie Canine

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Fostering a Rescued Rat Terrier

Fostering is an enriching, rewarding experience. It also can be a trying, tiring, and messy experience! Our Rat Terriers often come from puppymill busts or euthanasia lists from shelters. Or sometimes they come from families who cannot longer care for their Rat Terrier. As long as you are an experienced dog family with a big heart and a desire to give a homeless Rat Terrier a second chance at life, whatever kind of household you have, we can almost always find a Rat Terrier in need that would fit your home as a fosterdog. RTRC pays for all approved medical expenses for your fosterdog, and provides Heartworm preventative. Your fosterdog is also provided with a microchip and RTRC tag. You are required to provide food, toys, and of course love and cuddling!

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How to Adopt

If you see a little one that pulls at your heartstrings, or even if you aren't sure which Rattie is for you and want to find out, please fill in our Application to start the process!


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