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One of the goals of Rat Terrier Rescue Canada is to rehabilitate our rescued Rat Terriers to a healthy and happy state so that they can be adopted. We often rescue Rat Terriers that are in desperate need of medical care and come to us with multiple heath issues. These very special Ratties need your help to get them healthy and adoptable. Without your support, we can't continue to help these dogs. Please make it possible for these little Ratties to have the happy life that they deserve. We appreciate every donation, and all donations go directly towards the care of Ratties in need. We are a non-profit organization working towards our Charitable status in Canada.

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Dawson's Supply List

Wheelchair *donated!
Bottoms up Leash
Orthopedic Dog Bed
Puppy Wee Pads *donated!
Soft Blankets *donated!
Doggie Diapers *donated!
Pet Store Gift Certificates
Cleaning supplies
Fabric for Scooch Bags *donated!
If you would like to donate any items on our wish list please Email Dawson's Fosterparents!

Dawson gets his Wheels!


Dawson came into rescue after an investigator from a shelter in Ohio asked for help for Dawson. He had been injured while with his former owner and was paralysed. Dawson deperately needed to be moved to a rescue fosterhome. Our Ethel and Bill stepped up to take Dawson in, and with the help of the whole RTRC group Dawson made his way to Canada and into his loving fosterhome.

Dawson received vet care here in Canada, he was examined and xrayed, and sent to an orthopedic specialist in Ottawa. Here it was determined that little Dawson only had a 5% chance of walking again, if his injury had been taken in for treatment by his former owner at the time of the injury, Dawson likely would have walked again, but at this point was too late.

The good news is little Dawson is a spirited and happy lil' guy and has learned to use little scooch bags that his foster parents have gotten for him. He has a custom wheelchair in the works, and thanks to kind donations little Dawson has supplies and bedding to help him be comfortable.

Dawson is available for adoption to a special family who would love to have his wonderful spirit bring joy to their home. Dawson's fosterparents report that he is an exceptional little boy and does very well in his volunteer job of offering comfort therapy in hospitals.

Dawson's WheelChair kindly donated by Ethel and Bill at EweKids.ca

Thank you to Michael Trebych and Dave Halliday/Cornwall Pet Valu for donating Dawson's special needs supplies!

Would you like to send a donation for Dawson's vet bills or supplies? Contact our RTRC Treasurer or use our Canada Helps Donation Button. We will send you updates on Dawson and your name will be listed here on Dawson's bio as a donor.

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UPDATE!!! Dawson has found a loving home...with his fosterparents! They love little Dawson so much, they can't let him go :) Here is Dawson, happy and content in his forever home!

How to Adopt

If you see a little one that pulls at your heartstrings, or even if you aren't sure which Rattie is for you and want to find out, please fill in our Application to start the process!


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