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One of the goals of Rat Terrier Rescue Canada is to rehabilitate our rescued Rat Terriers to a healthy and happy state so that they can be adopted. We often rescue Rat Terriers that are in desperate need of medical care and come to us with multiple heath issues. These very special Ratties need your help to get them healthy and adoptable. Without your support, we can't continue to help these dogs. Please make it possible for these little Ratties to have the happy life that they deserve. We appreciate every donation, and all donations go directly towards the care of Ratties in need. We are a non-profit organization working towards our Charitable status in Canada.

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Sponsor A Rattie Supply List

Memory Foam Pads
Doggie Sweaters
Doggie Coats
Doggie Fleecie Vests *donated!
Pet Steps *donated!
Orthopedic Pet Pillow *donated
Pet Store Gift Certificates
Pet Supplements for Older Dogs

If you would like to donate any items on our wish list please Email our Treasurer!

Sponsor a Rattie


All donation amounts raised are used for required vetting for any current or future rescued Rat Terrier Rescue Canada dogs.


Corkie is a sweet, loving boy that was very sadly kept in a pen all his life. He was neglected both physically and emotionally. Corkie was rescued from the abuse is and now in a loving foster home, starting to understand freedom, warmth and a full belly and a loving home. He is a very gentle dog and good around other dogs. He is learning to potty outside and sleep on a comfy bed at night. Due to his neglect before rescue, por Corkie really needs a dental done. Would you sponsor Corkie and donate towards a dental for him? His teeth are in rough shape and we think he isn't eating much because they hurt him. A good cleaning and extraction of bad teeth should fix that right up for him! He would really appreciate having his teeth done and sends all sponsors nice kisses to thank them!

Would you like to send a donation to sponsor vetting costs for Corkie and other rescued RTRC dogs in need of vetting? Contact our RTRC Treasurer or use our Paypal Donation Button. We will send you updates on our rescued dogs needing vetting, and your name will be listed here on as a sponsor.



How to Adopt

If you see a little one that pulls at your heartstrings, or even if you aren't sure which Rattie is for you and want to find out, please fill in our Application to start the process!


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